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We are proud to say that the 275th Young Professional has started our traineeship. In the past 10 years we have been able to help many starters find a job and contribute to their personal development and growth. At the same time, we enjoy working with and helping customers find and retain young talent. How did we achieve this success?

I have worked as a Recruiter at Solid Professionals for 2.5 years. I have been able to call many starters to bring them good news and to tell them that they could start at one of our clients and within our Young Professional Program. I have been working as a Talent Manager for almost two years now and in that role I coach the young professionals. I spoke with several people who have been involved in our Young Professionals Program in recent years.

How did we start and what has changed?

Our partners Marcel van Wersch and Wim Meijer:

"Tailor-made Traineeship (TOM)" was the first name. There was no fixed program in terms of training and guidance. TOM was created because one of our competitors refused to take over people. We turned that into an opportunity. Don't hold back, but market it as a proposition. The biggest developments in recent years are the professionalization of the training program and the level of knowledge of the Young Professionals. The next step is to help our clients overcome the hurdles in finding and training "talent of the future". What we are very proud of and what we like to report is that the TOMs of that time are now our customers ”

One of our customers says:

"What you do remotely in guiding our
Young Professionals is something we cannot do, while we sit next to them every day. "


Collaboration from the very beginning

Jeroen van der Sluis, Manager Finance at ING, is our very first customer and we still work together. I coach seven young professionals who work in his department and we do the evaluation conversations together. I asked him why he still likes to works with us. 
"For me, speaking about vacancies, positions and candidates with Solid Professionals is like an extension of my own department. Short lines of communication, personal contact, thinking along about solutions, good guidance for the candidates and a smooth transition from external hiring to a permanent appointment with a view to long-term commitment within ING. " 


Who is our 275th Young Professional? 

Rosalie Tulen is the 275th Young Professional we have welcomed. She started at ABN AMRO Hypotheken as a Finance Young Professional. "My first impression of Solid Professionals is very pleasant, I was really very well guided in finding the right place and now also in getting used to my new position and everything that comes with it."


How do our alumni look back on the traineeship?

I asked Thijs Kruimer, Senior Financial and Risk Data Analyst at Rabobank and Bas de Wit, Financial Restructurer SME and Large Business at ABN AMRO. Both still work at the same bank where they started our program five years ago.

Thijs: "Within the Young Professional Program I was in a class with other Solid Professionals colleagues for different courses. The different items we discussed helped both in a practical and in my professional development. Besides the fact that the drinks at the end of the evening are also very pleasant, it is also very valuable to spar with other ambitious starters and to share experiences." 

Bas: "The support of Solid Professionals was very helpful in the application process (how do you prepare, what do you want to say, what do you want to ask, etcetera). Very nice for someone who has to have that kind of conversation for the first time. In particular, I look back on the intensive and personal guidance of Solid Professionals during the year that I worked at ABN AMRO. I have had valuable conversations with my talent manager (Kathelijn Loos). Those conversations laid a foundation for later steps in my personal development. "


Continuous improvement, adaptation and adjustment

In recent months, I have been working with Lieke Galema (Talent Manager) on a new and improved form of our Young Professional Program. We are proud of the result. The program now suits the target group even better than before. I asked Kathelijn Loos (director Solid Professionals) how she looks at this success.

"We know the target audience very well. A target group that is ambitious and eager to learn, demands a lot from itself and is therefore constantly on the move. Just like our Young Professional Program. Ten years ago we already called our Young Professional Program a "tailor-made traineeship" and it still is. Continuous improvement, adaptation, adjustment and knowing what drives our target group is the basis of our program.

I was at the 'cradle' of the Young Professional Program and coached our young professionals  for years. I am proud when I speak to alumni and when they tell that they often think about the valuable learning moments where I have inspired and helped them. ""

I also look back with pride on the years in which I was part of this success. Would you like to have more information about our program or one of our other services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
On to the 500th Young Professional and great collaborations with our customers!


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Judy Rotering
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10-11-2020 9:45 AM
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