Alumni Sharon and Virgill about their experience with the traineeship

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Since 2010 we have been helping starters on the job market through our Young Professional Program. The goal of the traineeship is that a Young Professional, fully prepared, joins the company where he or she started. Many of our alumni are now in wonderful places and are making great strides. Like Sharon, Financial Accounting Specialist at Nationale Nederlanden and Virgill, Business Analyst at ING. How are they doing? Which steps did they take and how do they look back at their time at Solid Professionals?


What position did you start in and which steps did you take?

Sharon: I have been working at Nationale Nederlanden in the Financial Accounting department since 2018. Within this department I am in the entity HR, which means that we are responsible for the accounting of the Personnel B.V.. We also manage the employee benefits and some foundations. Over the past two years, I have been learning a lot in my job and therefore I have been given more and more responsibility. I am now fully integrated into the team.

In addition to our daily work, we are also looking at various process improvements, for example through automations. In doing so, we work together with other teams. I can come up with the craziest ideas and the technical teams can make it happen.
When I look at the future, I want to become a specialist in the work that I do now. I'm still learning. I have found that I like doing operational work. I therefore do not know yet whether I aspire to a management position. In any case, what seems interesting to me, is to become senior of a sub-team. In that case, I would be responsible for about five other people.

Virgill: I started working as a Finance Journey Expert at ING through Solid Professionals in 2018. I am currently working as a Business Analyst and Scrum Master. I am working within the tribe Statutory and Regultaory Reporting. Within this department we are responsible for the proper implementation of the laws and regulations regarding reporting of the DNB and ECB. On the one hand this involves the implementation of existing regulations and on the other hand we also work on the development of new regulations. I am active within a team where the data delivery from various locations is facilitated and prepared for various final reports. I am also responsible for the implementation of the new requirements in the application.

When I started at ING, no one within my team was a Scrum Master yet. In this role, I guided my team to work according to the principles of SCRUM and agile. A lot of structure had to be put into the way of working, because nobody was used to Scrum or Agile.
Within the department, I became the point of contact for the automation of memo accounting. Memo accounting is providing additional information on amounts reported on the balance sheet. Currently, I am concerned with the logic for providing this additional information so that it can be automated. Previously, it was a topic that hovered within the department. My team was given the opportunity to figure this out and I became engrossed in this. It's cool that over time, I've become the person to go to in case there are questions on this topic.

Although I like my current job, I'm not afraid to keep looking around. For example, I'd like to take on a different role within ING for a change. I'm looking at my options to move into appdevelopment. I find mobile banking interesting and I think it would be fun to think about what it would mean to be a fully digital bank in five years' time.


Looking back, what do think of your time in the Young Professional Program at Solid Professionals?

Sharon: I especially liked the guidance from my talentmanager. She often came to the office and it was very pleasant. You could always let your hair down and talk to someone a little further away than your everyday colleagues. It is very nice to be able to work for a large company. I do not think I would have dared to apply for a job at Nationale Nederlanden without the guidance of Solid Professionals. Solid Professionals spends time to get to know the person behind the resume and hear their story. I really liked that.

Virgill: I found my time at Solid Professionals to be incredibly fun and educational. The conversations I had with the talentmanager helped me to understand myself better as a person. Open, honest and interesting conversations with someone who likes to think along with you. I would definitely recommend the traineeship at Solid Professionals and would make the same decision again.


What would you pass along to new Young Professionals?

Sharon: Be open and eager to learn. Show your ambition. In addition, it is also important that you enjoy your place and your work.

Virgill: Be open and verbal about what seems interesting to you. Do not hesitate to indicate which subjects you would prefer to focus on. Also, many people within a company really want to help finding the best position for you.


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